The Witch’s Curse

The Witch’s Curse

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After the sudden arrival of her estranged aunt and the loss of her father, Rosie “Bean” Dodds is searching for some semblance of normalcy. She is overdue for a solid night of rest from the horrific nightmares that continue to plague her. That, and she desperately needs time to process the reality of the witching world she is now a part of. But nothing in Shadybight is normal, and before Bean finds sleep, a woman is murdered on the doorstep of her shop, the Witch’s Easel.

Though Bean spent the night with her family, the detective—Clause Offner—arrests her on suspicion. While he knows she is innocent, Bean’s dreams of slumber are traded for the frigid floor of a holding cell, where she is told of a second mystery: their friend supposedly dismembered a man and already pleaded guilty. Promised freedom by Clause for proving their friend’s innocence, Bean has to pry deeper into the town’s secrets and catch the real culprits before their rampages escalate. 

Pressed between two time-sensitive mysteries, Bean must balance catching a ravenous, animalistic murderer and saving a frail young woman.

As a blossoming witch still new to the detective trade, Bean may be in one curse too deep. Will Bean be able to solve both cases, or will one of them escape her?

Map Art by Molly Leasure