It’s that month again…November. It’s the month of every writer’s dreams and nightmares. From rushing to plan a story to feeling the overwhelming pressure to get it done, November can feel like Hell—and yet. It’s also a wonderful time to actually force yourself to get something written because you have a deadline. What better way to actually get a story down on the page than having a deadline to do it?

And this year, I’m using this time to work on the second book in my hidden series Torrenthia: Pradscen. With plans to self-publish Torrenthia soon, I figured it was about time to ACTUALLY get some work done on the second book in the series. It needed to happen eventually.

So, here’s a little background information.

Torrenthia/Pradscen are fantasy novels set in their own world (which will remain unnamed for now…) where two nations have high tension between them. There’s war, there’s violence, there’s love, and there’s some growing up to do for a few young adults.

Soon (very soon) I will be releasing some information on Torrenthia. I hope you look forward to that! I’m looking forward to it. Once it’s copy-written, of course. Gotta protect all of my precious words after all!

Anyway, this was meant to be a post about why I won’t be writing too many short stories this month. Sorry! NaNoWriMo is taking priority. Every few days I’ll be giving updates on my progress, though!

My update for today: 4,610 words.

Happy Monday ~

~ Molly~


  1. Sumon says:

    Would have never known about NaNoWriMo if I’d not stumbled upon this post. Something interesting I learned about writing rituals. Happy writing Molly, Cheers!

    1. Molly says:

      I’m glad to share the word on NaNo! It’s not a perfect tool, per se, but it certainly helps to grow habits :).
      Your blog looks amazing by the way! (I did a quick perusal)
      Happy writing to you, as well!

      1. Sumon says:

        Hehe, thank you!
        Have got one for my writing (& you’re likely to find some inspiration from your blog’s UI). Looking forward to constructive criticism.

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