Saben, King of Heirns

We’re back!

When am I not back? I’m back almost every week…more writing, more announcements, more characters!

I’m here to introduce to you my new short story series: Saben, King of Heirns. A dark comedy about a literal king of nightmares, Saben, King of Heirns follows Saben as he tries to escape his purpose and a few other things too.

It’s written in short paragraphs and will be updated two times a week.


Enter Saben, King of Heirns.

All bow before him—except he’s been hiding among the humans for almost his full existence.

Murder. Accusations. War. Cats?

The human world is a strange place.

But so is Hamta.

Warning: In no way is this a conventional story.


Happy reading!

~ Molly ~

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