This Isn’t the City

Another week of Reedsy prompts are here! And with my newfound love for short stories, I’m already raring to begin! So, I did. But, I really like all the prompts for this week, so I might end up writing a story for every single one. Why not? They’re fun!

This prompt is about moving to a new place, which is perfect for me, because I just moved to a new place not too long ago. The feelings I felt while moving are similar to some of the ones in the prompts, and it’ll be perfect for exploring those emotions!

This Isn’t the City is a short story about a couple who are living in a decrepit house and decide to buy a new one. But that new one isn’t in the location the wife was hoping for it to be.

It’s meant to be a bit on the dramatic side, because boy is the wife dramatic, but also supposed to be somewhat humorous. It’s just a moment in the life of a longtime couple. If you take a moment to read it, I hope you end up enjoying it!

You can read it here.


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