Blurbs That Curse Us

Every author will eventually face the challenge of having to write a blurb. There’s just no way around it if you want to write a book. And there are so many different guides out there for actually writing a decent blurb that the help starts to feel overwhelming.

For me, the problem with blurbs comes down to one question: how do I know when to stop editing my blurb? Sometimes you write a decent paragraph and think “well, it can’t get any better from here,” but then you read it back in a week. Suddenly, it’s the worst written paragraph you’ve ever read in your life and all you can do is accept it. But it’s different with blurbs. Once you publish that blurb, you can still come back to it and change it—again and again. It’s always staring you in the face, wondering why you wrote it that way.

So I’m still searching for an answer. Should I stop when I think I’ve fully mastered describing my book? Or should I stop once the character is facing the biggest decision in their life? Maybe I should stop because it starts to sound like I’m giving the whole plot away, or because there’s not enough detail. With all those questions in mind, I’ll keep staring at my blurb until I can’t stare a moment longer. And maybe eventually, I’ll get the hint.

Just leave it alone.

~Happy reading~


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