It Was Him

Last night–early in the morning really–I got this great inspiration for a novel. My mind is always whirring with new ideas, but I really liked the sound of this one. Because of my newfound interest in this idea, I decided to put He’s the Monster on hiatus, and work on this story instead.

I don’t often write romantic stories, in fact, I prefer a tragical romance over a dreamy one. One-sided love, loss of love, love that can never be, it’s more interesting to me. And with this story, the loss of love is immediate. It’s integral to who she is, and also somewhat paranormal.

Soulmate stories intrigue me, not because of the immediate love that’s attached with them, but because I’m curious about what that means for the two affected parties. What if they find their soulmate and feel nothing? What if that soulmate of theirs is convinced soulmate nonsense doesn’t exist? What if meeting that soulmate triggers their death? The last question is the one I chose to focus on.

I hope you enjoy this story! You can read the first chapter below. Or, you can head over to the stories tab and check out the beginning of He’s the Monster.



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