I’m not an expert photographer by any means, but I have been enjoying taking pictures lately. Where I live it’s beautiful all year round, even when winter hits. The sun never stops shining. So, I find it easy to take beautiful pictures, because the sun provides perfect light for it.

When I used to take pictures, the only camera I had was my phone. As far as phone cameras go, it wasn’t the worst. But, as far as how well the pictures came out, it wasn’t the best. Now that I have a real camera, I can see the difference immediately, even if it’s taking some getting used to.

As I continue to practice, I hope I’ll see myself continue to improve. I guess that’s how every artist feels when they start a new art endeavor though. We’re all hopeful that our art can sway hearts, or at the very least, garner an impressed reaction.

So, I guess it’s back to practice for me, until I get that reaction I desire.

I’ve posted two new chapters in “He’s the Monster” as well. The plot has yet to thicken, but ingredients have certainly been added to the soup. We’ll see how well Vice can navigate what’s coming.



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