The “Thrill” of Fiction

When it comes to genres I usually watch, I seem to have a fascination with thrillers, murder mysteries, and cop shows. When comparing with others, it’s not that odd of an interest, but sometimes I make myself paranoid. I never forget to lock doors or windows. And, I’m always wide awake if I hear a strange noise at night. Sometimes, I even have nightmares.

But, the strange thing about paranoia is that it translates to oddly gripping ideas. A lot of my novel ideas come from my nightmares, and an occasional dream. I live the nightmare as a character and then when I wake up, I now have a story.

I think the hardest part for me is trying to translate those nightmares onto the page. Is the story interesting enough? Is this too much like what I was watching or reading? Did I flesh out my characters enough in my head to even know how they’d react in a situation? Those are usually my biggest worries, because the nightmares are just a moment in the story. The scariest moment.

Even so, no matter how much I scare myself, I’m still drawn to stories that break down psychological responses. I like knowing how someone would respond in a mortifying situation, or complicated situation. And, since I get story ideas from it, all the better! So, I guess I’ll just keep having nightmares until one of my stories really sticks.

On a happier note, I uploaded a new chapter of “He’s the Monster” and also some more photography. Nothing like a sunny day to document the garden (with a few dog pictures thrown in to spice it up).



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